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Ketel One Bloody Mary in High Ball Glass with hand grinding pepper

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BYOB (Bring Your Own Bartender) to the picnic or garden party. Ketel One’s Botanical Spritz is so thoughtfully crafted, you’ll forget it’s pre-mixed.

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Ketel One Vodka Product 70cl
Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit and Rose  Product 70cl
Ketel One Botanical Cucumber and Mint  Product 70cl
Ketel One Botanical Peach and Orange Blossom  Product 70cl
Ketel One Botanical Can Grapefruit & Rose Product 12fl oz
Ketel One Botanical Can Cucumber & Mint Product 12fl oz
Ketel One Botanical Can Peach & Orange Blossom Product 12fl oz
Ketel One Citroen Vodka Product 70cl
Ketel One Oranje Vodka Product 70cl
Ketel One Vodka

A crisp, smooth taste with a splash of citrus and long finish


Make every party a cocktail party. Select your spirit.

Our Story

Taste runs in the family. And has done for eleven generations.

Ketel One Distillery Introduction Video

We’re Ketel One, a family-made vodka that has never compromised on quality and exceptional flavour in over 300 years. All that experience has made us experts in distilling. It’s why we can proudly say that our exquistively smooth and super-premium vodka is the best choice for those who crave a drinking experience like no other. Crafted in a copper potstill in combination using modern distilling techniques, every batch of Ketel One is approved by a member of the family still to this day. Just so we can be extra sure that every bottle maintains the crispness, clarity, softness and long finish that makes us the #1 best-selling & #1 top-trending vodka in the world's best bars*. Drinks International, 2023

Ketel One Bloody Mary Garnished with Good

Mixing things up for better. Explore the stories of bartenders championing positive change in their communities through their Ketel One Vodka Cocktails and get inspired to stir up your own community.

Circles Project

Bartender Vinicius Demian of Brazil, is doing remarkable work to support vulnerable people in their fight against hunger and unemployment. With each of his Ketel One ‘Circles’ cocktails, he provides juices for lunchboxes and a 1 BRL donation to Learning For Life.

Ketel One Circles by Vinicius Demian

Imperfect Partnerships

Bartender Nick Tesar of Australia builds perfectly 'Imperfect Partnerships' between the farmer and bartender community to create cocktails that are more flavorful and less wasteful while providing security for the farmers.

Ketel One Imperfect Partnerships Story