Making Time

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Making time for meaningful relationships is fundamental to a happy life balance. Whether that be a special dinner for two or a Bloody Mary brunch with family and friends, Ketel One is here to give you all the ideas you need to place more importance on what matters the most.


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3 Easy Christmas Cocktails your Family and Friends Will Love

Christmas has always been a special time of year for our Ketel One family. It’s a chance to welkom everyone that means the most to us in to our home for a celebration and some great Christmas cocktails. Discover our three easy Christmas cocktails you could make with your eyes closed, although we don’t advise it.

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4 Simple Vodka Cocktails

Our passion for quality runs through our veins, it’s in everything we do. Whilst working with our bartender family to create some of the most innovative and exciting cocktails around, simplicity is still very much at the heart of Ketel One, which is why we’ve handpicked these sublimely simple vodka cocktails for you to savour. Proost!

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A Christmas Punch Packed with Flavour

With such a large Ketel One family we’ve found that a punch can sometimes be the answer to a stress free Christmas evening. Here’s a punch recipe with the same fragrance, flavour, feel and finish you would expect in any of our Ketel One vodka cocktails.

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Which cocktail best describes your personality?

As we travel the world and talk to our Ketel One family about the vodka cocktails they create, we begin to see how their personality and experiences are reflected in all of their creations. Ever wondered which cocktail best suits your personality?

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5 Cocktails to Guarantee the Perfect Date

The strong foundations on which Ketel One stands today, have been built with quality relationships, and the odd cocktail, at the heart of everything we do. These five vodka cocktail recipes are stunningly simple, even the most amateur mixologists amongst you can impress with on the perfect date. Remember, nothing says I love you quite like a hand-crafted vodka cocktail. You’ve got this. Proost!

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Dinner Party Ideas – A Bloody Mary Bar to Celebrate with Friends

Our passion runs through everything we do, from the vodka we create to the relationships we make. We enjoy nothing more than putting together a dinner party to remember, for all our friends and family. Trust us when we tell you, you’ll never be short of dinner party conversation, or a Bloody Mary cocktail, with this. Proost!

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How to make the perfect Cosmopolitan

Our family of mixologists around the world love to create innovative and exciting cocktails, but they also take pride in perfecting the traditional cocktails. A question we get asked a lot is ‘how do you make the perfect Cosmopolitan?’ So who better to tell you than our Ketel One family.

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5 Secrets to Creating the Ultimate Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is among the top 10 most ordered cocktails in the world and has therefore been reinvented many times by our family of talented mixologists, focusing on the flavour combinations to create quirky variations that appeal to an array of palettes. Discover our five secrets to creating the ultimate Bloody Mary just for you…

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Dinner Party Ideas to Recreate, the Dutch Way

We take pride in our Dutch roots, from the design of the Ketel One bottle to the interior of our Schiedam distillery, our style is a part of us. Bring a little Ketel One into your home with our Dutch inspired dinner party ideas you can recreate…

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His or Her Bloody Marys

A cocktail is a labour of love and can tell someone so much about your personality. The Bloody Mary is the ultimate vodka cocktail that can be personalised to your taste. Discover your preferences with our well balanced his or her Bloody Marys. Proost!

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5 Stylish First Date Bars around the World with Ketel One

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can be sure that somewhere close-by there is a talented mixologist creating some of the best cocktails around. Be inspired by some of our favourite bars, far and wide, creating the perfect setting to set your heart on fire! Proost to first dates.

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A Ketel One Inspired Dinner Party Menu

We believe friendship is something to celebrate, with great food, great cocktails and great company of course. Discover our ultimate dinner party menu, for when ‘thank you’ simply isn’t enough.

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Bob Nolet, 11th generation of the family distilling business, enjoys what he does, five minutes in his company and it is abundantly clear that Ketel One Vodka is his ultimate passion, but so are the people in his life. We chatted to Bob about what Making Time means to him…

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Make Your Own Bloody Mary - The Perfect Gift

We like to make all celebrations a family affair, in business and in life. Family celebrations sometimes call for the perfect gift, which can be one hell of a challenge. So this year we’re making it simple for you to make time for your loved ones and give them something extra special to celebrate them, with a little Dutch twist…

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No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep! That’s why we’re raising a Ketel One cocktail to the weekend and inviting you to be our guest, and meet our extended Ketel One family at one of these impressive bars… Proost to that!

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Time to celebrate Bloody Mary Day

Popular, flavoursome and as complex as you like, today’s the day to enjoy a Bloody Mary cocktail.

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Strawberries: The Cream of the Crop

National Strawberry Month is finally here, which can mean only one thing: summer is on its way! What better reason do you need to enjoy the latest Ketel One strawberry inspired creation with our easy to follow cocktail recipe?

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