The passion in every bottle

Since 1691, our family has meticulously crafted spirits using traditional techniques and the finest ingredients. Here, in seven deceptively simple steps, we explore how our dedication brings forth three remarkable spirits.

Production 1


The smooth mouthfeel and – crazy for a vodka, we know – character of Ketel One Vodka starts with wheat. Ketel One Vodka is made from the finest quality, 100% GMO-free Winter Wheat, grown in Europe, naturally. 

Prod 2 New

Column Distillation

The first step in making Ketel One Vodka is grinding down the wheat and blending it with water to form mash. This is fermented and goes through a column distillation process to produce a lively, fresh, ultra-wheat spirit [UWS]. The UWS gets its name from the exacting specifications used in its production and the very high purity levels compared to other grain spirits.  

Production 3

Copper Pot Distillation

The second step of the vodka making process is where the magic happens. Part of the ultra-wheat spirit is re-distilled in ten copper pot stills, including the original 19th century coal-fired copper pot still. This must be hand stoked, sealed with wheat paste to prevent evaporation, and monitored every 20 minutes during the 8-hour process. The harsh ‘heads’ and weak ‘tails’ are then discarded, leaving the prime ‘hearts’. 


Production 4

Master pot still batch

The heart of the distillates obtained from the pot stills, including those from the copper pot still #1, are individually filtered and blended together to create the Master Pot Still Batch. This rare liquid is what gives our premium vodka its silky smooth finish.

Production 5


The distillers, carefully following the family recipe, blend portions of the Master Pot Still Batch, the UWS, and water together to create Ketel One Vodka. This is the stage where citrus oils and essence can be infused to make our flavoured vodkas; Ketel One Citroen and Ketel One Oranje. 

Production 6


It’s our family name and reputation, so once our vodka has been made a Nolet still approves every production run before bottling, signing their name to guarantee Ketel One Vodka’s signature crisp quality. 

Production 7


Once bottled, Ketel One Vodka is yours to savour. Enjoy over ice, in your favourite vodka cocktails, or visit our drinks section for some vodka cocktail inspiration. Proost!


10 generations of nolet family experience go into every bottle