We've found Australia's best Bloody Mary

Here at Ketel One Vodka we believe that our brunch table is never complete without a group of friends and a delicious Bloody Mary. With this in mind, brand ambassador Chris Hysted hosted a series of workshops where he taught bartenders the core elements of the Bloody Mary, to inspire them to create their ultimate version…and the results were mouth-wateringly amazing.

The Bloody Mary is a favourite for bartenders as it’s one of the only cocktails where you can be adventurous and truly develop your own twist. When else is it acceptable to garnish a drink with a hamburger, oysters or crispy salmon skin? 

We saw it all and were so pleased to see our bartenders pushing themselves creatively on their quest to create the best Bloody Mary.

There was one cocktail which stood out for us in terms of its flavour, story and visual appeal and that was ‘The Ernest’ created by the exceptional Jack Sotti, of Eau de Vie Melbourne.  Jack’s Bloody Mary was inspired by a Chicago hotelier and one of the founding fathers of the cocktail.  

Jack’s cocktail comprised salt cured tomato juice with house pickled onion purée, spices and dry sherry and served in a retro tomato juice can.

Want to try creating ‘The Ernest’ for your next brunch date? Here’s what you need to create the delicious cocktail:

  • 45ml Ketel One Vodka
  • 80ml salt cured tomato juice
  • 40ml pickled onion puree
  • 10ml sherry
  • Dash of citrus fruit juice
  • Pinch of ground white pepper
  • Pinch of ground star anise
  • Pinch of ground pimento
  • Dash of hot sauce

Glass: Bespoke tomato juice can
Method: Throw
Garnish: Celery stick, pickled onions
(1.7 standard drinks* per serve, 17g)



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