A Revival of Vintage Cocktails

Cocktails have been around since as far back as 1803, but looked very different back then to the sort we enjoy today. A cocktail started out as a simple spirit and mixer and it wasn’t until 1862 when Jerry Thomas wrote the first book to contain a section of cocktail recipes that the drinks started to become what they are today. Thomas was later labelled the ‘Father of modern bartending.’

Bartenders across the world are now pushing the boundaries of cocktail making, using novel ingredients and complex flavours and techniques to create new and exciting drinks. However, among all the flaming and smoking theatrics, we still love to sit back and enjoy the more traditional vintage cocktails.

Ketel One’s bartenders are extremely passionate about creating the very best cocktails and that includes recreating some of histories most loved. They may be oldies, but we never forget great cocktails from the past…

Ketel One’s Vintage Cocktails

White Russian
Moscow Mule
Dirty Martini

Each of these cocktails have played an important part in history and without them, mixologists may not be so key to our bar experience today. If you fancy making our vintage cocktails, why not go truly vintage and serve them to your friends in teacups?



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