What does Making Time mean to you?

Growing up amidst the Distillery and now having been part of the business for 25 years, making time for quality - whether that be quality vodka or quality relationships - was taught to me from a very early age.

Watching my Father and my Grandfather work so hard to achieve their dreams, working tirelessly to ensure the liquid excellence of Ketel One Vodka, inspired me and I realised very early on that achieving something to be proud of takes time.  From sourcing the finest quality European wheat to ensuring our distillery is ready to service the whole world.

I passionately believe that your returns in life are a direct result of the time you invest in them and I apply this to everything in my life, whether that be at work or with my family.

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How do you ensure you are Making Time for those that are important to you?

Since my great, great, great, great… (you get the picture) Grandfather opened the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam in 1691, it has not only become the home of Ketel One Vodka, but the second home to our family.

Today you will find many generations of Nolets and our extended family walking around, whether it be myself taste-testing batches of Ketel One, or our close friend and Nolet Distillery Ambassador, Dennis Tamse, showing guests around. Part of what makes Ketel One Vodka what it is today is the time we take to maintain the great relationships we have with our extended family – those in the Distillery and around the world that have helped Ketel One become what it is today.

Our Distillery doors are always open, therefore it is common to see friends and family going about their daily business or showing members of the public around. Being in the same place, makes it easier for us to make time for each other. 

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What does ‘me-time’ mean to you?

‘Me-time… what’s that?’ he jokes.

I’m sure many people can relate when I say life can get pretty hectic and finding time for ‘me-time’ doesn’t come often, however with the alcohol industry moving at such a rapid rate and markets forever changing I love investing time in future gazing. 

Ketel One’s success has been driven by foresight and vision, investing money and time in ensuring we are at the forefront of the vodka industry. However, with this comes a lot of hard work to make sure we are consistently ahead of trends and cultures, which I love doing so I suppose this could be my ‘me-time’ equivalent [laughs]!? I also love spending time with my wife and children, whether it be coaching my boys’ hockey teams or just sitting down at night and enjoying a glass of Ketel One whilst I hear about their days.  


Which Ketel One cocktail do you like enjoying when you have time to yourself and why?

I like to keep things simple therefore I will more than likely opt for a Ketel One on the rocks with a twist of lemon or Ketel One Citron on the rocks, my wife on the other hand loves a Tomatini. I am by no means an expert bartender, therefore tend to leave the cocktails to the professionals of which I am lucky to work with some of the best in the business and even luckier to call them part of our Ketel One family.

Whilst I’m travelling I make the most of being surround by talented bartenders and give them full control over the cocktails I drink. I’m always interested to experience the latest cocktail trends in different markets and how bartenders around the world are using Ketel One.

Food is also a very important aspect to me when enjoying Ketel One. It’s very well suited to light foods such as sashimi, sushi, delicate fish and salad. Asian fusion is my favourite.


What do the next few months hold?

With 2016 being the distillery’s 325th anniversary it’s a very busy time for us. We recently welcomed 400 of our closest family and friends from around the world to celebrate with us.

September will be a particularly busy month with World Class taking place in Miami; the biggest and most respected bartender competition in the world. We are the creators of Ketel One but bartenders are the people that bring it to life and create spectacular drinks that everyone can enjoy. With this in mind World Class has been a competition I have supported and attended from day one. 

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Distilled in a copper ketel for the smoothest possible finish



10 generations of nolet family experience go into every bottle



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