5 Secrets to Creating the Ultimate Bloody Mary

1. Get in to the spirit of things…

Vodka is the essential component in the perfect Bloody Mary, Ketel One Vodka in particular of course!  With hints of citrus and honey, adding it to your Bloody Mary will ensure a long finish with subtle flavours. A lasting freshness you should demand from your vodka cocktail. Buy yours here.

2. Respect the recipe…

Following a recipe is key to ensuring your ingredient ratios are right. You’ll really kick yourself if your lovingly prepared Bloody Mary vodka cocktail is far too watery. There is nothing worse in the vodka cocktail world. Take a look at our classic Bloody Mary recipe here.

3. Negotiate on the tomato juice…

Dave Beatty, Ketel One Ambassador, says ‘If you define a Bloody Mary as a savoury and restorative cocktail, then you can have fun experimenting with the ingredients.’ Which is why we fully endorse alternatives to the classic Bloody Mary tomato juice ingredient. Tried and tested alternative bases include carrot, beetroot, cucumber and lime. If our Beetroot Mary doesn’t convince you, nothing will! A bold mix of Ketel One Vodka with beetroot & tomatoes, fresh lemon, fragrant spices & a mild warmth. Try it here.

4. You can always add spice, but you can’t take it away…

Another great bit of advice from Dave Beatty, where would we be without him?! When it comes to the various spices you can add to your Bloody Mary, always add less to start to avoid a fiery vodka cocktail that for some may be undrinkable. It’s far easier to add more to taste.

5. Get going with your garnish…

The Bloody Mary is the ideal cocktail to get adventurous with your garnishes, our bartender family are the masters at this. From lobster to burger sliders, the possibilities are endless. Why not have some fun and try our USA Bloody Mary, which uses candied bacon to garnish. Delicious! Try it here.


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