Dinner Party Ideas to Recreate, the Dutch Way


Bitterballen, small fried balls of beef or veal ragout, are a national favourite. These delicious meaty snacks are commonly shared with friends and enjoyed over a drink, we’d recommend our fiery Dutch Mule vodka cocktail. See the full Bitterballen recipe here.

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Bami Goreng

Indonesian food is synonymous with Dutch cuisine, ever since the Netherlands was an important part of the world’s spice trade. Bami Goreng is a simple dish, but a definite Dutch crowd pleaser, full recipe here.

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Dutch Puff

Dutch baby pancakes with lemon curd and blueberries anyone? Dutch baby pancakes, sometimes called a Dutch puff, are usually eaten for breakfast, however, we couldn’t resist this twist on a Dutch classic, which incorporates fruity ingredients for a great dessert. Check out the full recipe here.

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End on a high….

We’ve had pancakes for dessert, why not try something slightly different instead of the classic after-dinner coffee? Our Espresso Martini vodka cocktail will really hit the spot, ending your evening of Dutch delights on a high note. Full recipe here.

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