5 Cocktails to Guarantee the Perfect Date


You don’t have to fly your date to Manhattan to enjoy a cosmopolitan cocktail. Simply set the scene for your perfect date with our take on an absolute classic.

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Bloody Mary

Arguably, a perfect date can be any time of the day, so why not brunch time? Personalise your perfect date by putting your unique spin on the garnish, from lobster to bacon, we’ll leave it completely up to you! 

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Espresso Martini

The ever so elegant Espresso Martini has all the ingredients guaranteed to WOW on a perfect date. With only four ingredients needed, this cocktail couldn’t be simpler to make yourself, an alternative to after dinner coffee perhaps? 

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Dutch Mule

If you’re looking for the ultimate in simple, yet delicious cocktails, look no further than the Dutch Mule. This light citrus infused cocktail will have your perfect date saying Proost, over and over again! 

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Watermelon Martini

Martini’s come in all shapes and sizes, none more so than this refreshing take on the classic. With only three ingredients, this is one our lightest cocktails, shaken, not stirred.

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