3 Easy Christmas Cocktails your Family and Friends Will Love

Honey Crisp

This Christmas cocktail is all about celebrating the transition from fall to winter through seasonal fruits and flavors. Bringing together two of autumn’s finest offerings as the drink’s base – real apple cider and rich apricot liqueur – the flavours are drawn out with a long base of Ketel One Vodka, a little lemon juice for balance, and then rounds the whole thing off with a blackstrap rum float. The result is dark and brooding, rich and rounded, and a welcome first drink for anyone coming in from the cutting cold.


Oranje Cioccolato

It’s easy to overlook the simple things. But sometimes all it takes is two ingredients that balance and complement each other perfectly to make a great Christmas cocktail. No bells, no whistles. Ketel One Oranje, with its rounded notes of real, fresh oranges and Meletti Amaro, with its hints of exotic saffron and comforting cardamom. And that’s it. Stir them down, strain them into a coupe, and finish with a few drops of orange and chocolate bitters and a little blood orange oil on the surface of the drink. All that’s left is to enjoy, savour and get in to that festive spirit – and then maybe make another.


Like Clockwork

There’s an unwritten rule that Christmas cocktails should err towards the dark, the rich, the warming. Of course ‘rules are written to be broken’ and all that jazz – something Like Clockwork reminds us of. A good measure of Ketel One Citroen combined with a Lillet Blanc creates a silky, soft and citrus-tinged base that is both delicate and welcoming. While the orange and lemon juices and celery bitters lead us to a fresh-tasting result that, served up in a chilled coupe, is pure easy drinking elegance.



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