Put The Ketel On 820 600

A winter warming Ketel One cocktail

As the temperature drops and the darker nights become more prominent, learn about the perfect Ketel One cocktail to add more warmth to your winter’s evening…

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Dutch Trading Punch 820 600

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to celebrate everything your thankful for with friends and family. Enjoy this quality time with the ultimate Ketel One Vodka sharing cocktail…

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942353 820X600

Our Life's Work

Discover the story of Our Life’s Work

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Halloween 820 600

Time for a spooky cocktail this Halloween

With Halloween on its way, we look at the history behind Halloween and why we love to celebrate it. An evening isn’t complete without a Ketel One creepy cocktail, too…

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Wallet 820

Toast to National Vodka Day

We’re celebrating National Vodka Day on the 4th October with some great cocktails, whilst looking back at the history of vodka and Ketel One…

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Mesha New 820X600

Last of the Summer Fruits

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a Ketel One summer inspired cocktail before the season closes!

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Dutch Lemonade 820 600

Celebrate Lemonade Day with Ketel One

Lemonade is a classic and much loved accompaniment to vodka infused cocktails. To celebrate Lemonade Day on the 20th August, we look into the history of lemonade and reveal a delicious cocktail to honour this day…

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820X600 Kettle Folly

The Alternative Bloody Mary

Whoever said the Bloody Mary could only be made with tomatoes? Not us! We have been experimenting with some new ingredients to create alternative Bloody Marys for any occasion. Take a look..

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3-cocktails _820x 600_02

A Revival of Vintage Cocktails

Cocktails have been around for nearly as long as we have, and have developed into a portfolio of much-loved drinks. But why, with all the cocktails on offer do we love vintage cocktails so much?

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Distilled in a copper ketel for the smoothest possible finish



10 generations of nolet family experience go into every bottle



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