Variety is the flavour of life.

We’re often asked how we created a globally loved brand and we can tell you, our secret is to listen to those around us. It’s easy for us to forget just how far we have come… Something that started as a dream, we sit here today with a magnificent vodka, two additional great infusions and a vast family that share our exact same passion.

Seasons, years and a Millennium have passed since we began our journey and times have indeed changed. As we headed into the new Millennium, our extended family – the bartenders of the world – began talking to us about the need for variation in flavour… so we stepped up to the challenge.

With years of hard work we saw the launch of two new additions to the Ketel One family:

2000 – The Citroen – Ketel One Citroen is infused with natural oils from the best lemons and limes from around the world.

2010 – The Oranje – Ketel One Oranje harnesses the essences of Valencia and Mandarin oranges.

The Citroen and Oranje have brought with them flair, allowing our bartenders, and you, to create even more great cocktails with your own personal twists.

Now, do you have a sweet tooth? Simon Difford has recently explored harnessing Ketel One Vodka to create homemade vanilla infused vodka and you would not believe how easy it is to make!

To make your own, simply:
. Take one quality vanilla pod and split lengthways
. Place your vanilla pod in a bottle of Ketel One Vodka for a week. Shaking occasionally.

Home infusions can be created with lots of different ingredients, so why not pick a few of your favourite flavours and have a go? Or you could let Simon do all the hard work, whilst you relax with a Ketel One cocktail and read more, here.



Distilled in a copper ketel for the smoothest possible finish



10 generations of nolet family experience go into every bottle



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