Day two: Ketel One celebrate King’s Day

Yesterday will never be forgotten. Having joined the rest of Amsterdam for a day of orange madness as we celebrated King’s Day; we were able to show our passion for the country that has played such a big part in Ketel One’s history and future.

Today we decided to give our guests a true taste of Ketel One, starting with a Bloody Mary making and Ketel One glass blowing…

Bloody Mary makers were given an array of key ingredients to play with and a few peculiar ones thrown in for good measure. The tomato muddling began, as well as nutmeg grating, beetroot cutting, lemon squeezing… the list could go on. Guests were encouraged to think beyond the classic Bloody Mary and concentrate on the balance of the cocktail rather than the ingredients – it doesn’t need to contain tomato juice! Tomatoes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so guests began to experiment with different flavours. Here was one of our favourites, which used beetroot as a key component: 

Bloody Mary 860X573

In the opposite room guests where trying their hand at glass blowing. Our bartending friends were creating some of their very own Ketel One mixing equipment, including stirrers and cocktail spoons.

Glass Blowing 860X573

We finally made our way to the highly anticipated Ketel One Distillery in Schiedam, where all the magic happens! Bob Nolet, the 11th generation of Ketel One, greeted everyone on their arrival and showed us through to the distillery’s cinema room which is located within the infamous windmill, which still to this day provides 20% of the distillery’s power. Here we watched ‘Generations’ an award winning 15 minute film which looks at the Nolet family's history. After, Bob took the group around the distillery giving everyone a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into the production and process of our much loved vodka.

Now feeling a little peckish we made our way to Bob Nolet’s house where we were greeted by Mrs Nolet and their two sons the (12th generation of Ketel One). Here we settled down for a beautiful meal, complimented by a variety of different Ketel One cocktails, ranging from Tomatinis to Espresso Martinis.

We ended the day with a bar safari visiting some of Amsterdam’s best cocktail bars, serving some of the best Ketel One cocktails!

You can see photos of our #KetelOneKD experience on Instagram via the hashtag.

See you again next year!



Distilled in a copper ketel for the smoothest possible finish



10 generations of nolet family experience go into every bottle



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