Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar

Brunch without a Bloody Mary is like an ocean without fish or a bar without vodka. Which is why every good host should have a killer go-to recipe. Here are our tips to help raise your Bloody Mary game:

SPICE: There is a temptation for excitable hosts to be heavy-handed with heat. Using a combination of black pepper, Tabasco and horseradish your house recipe should definitely have a kick, but nowhere near enough to leave scars.

ROLLING: Simply building a Bloody Mary in the glass runs the risk of leaving your guests with a lukewarm cocktail and a mouthful of un-blended spices. Shaking it meanwhile, will make the tomato juice foam up (which isn’t particularly pleasant either). The answer? ‘Rolling’, or pouring, it between two shakers to chill, mix and dilute.

BATCHING: Batching your mix is the informed act of a seasoned host. Why not go all the way and let your guests go DIY? Pre-chill your spiced tomato mix, break out a vintage pitcher or something equally inspired, a bottle of Ketel One Vodka and a variety of garnishes on the side, and everyone will love you.

GARNISHES: There are really only two schools of thought here. The first is the safe route: celery, slice of lemon. The other option is to go all out: cucumber slices, cocktail onions, olives, smoked cheese, crispy bacon...The world is truly your oyster. (And yes, oysters also work fantastically. Nice catch.)


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