Build Your Own Martini Bar

Seemingly simple, the Martini is a cocktail that every good host should master. For the novice, however, some trepidation is understandable. To help you here’s a few starters:

For the base, you’ll want something crisp and clean with enough body to stand against the vermouth. We naturally think Ketel One Vodka makes the ultimate Martini.

The ratio of vodka to vermouth is a point of preference. A more vermouth-heavy ratio is described as ‘wetter’, while reducing the vermouth down to a hint makes it ‘drier’. Remember to keep your vermouth refrigerated and consumed within a month before it starts to oxidize.

To stir, fill a mixing glass with cracked ice and your ingredients and stir briskly. Hold your mixing vessel towards the top rather than the bottom where the ice sits, and use your fingers rather than your whole hand (thereby reducing the effects of your body heat). A good ballpark is 30 seconds of stirring, with a rough target of 25% dilution.

And lastly, the garnish. As a rule, citrus garnishes lend a fragrant lightness, while olives and onions will lend a savory character.


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