Highlights from the Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS™ Global Finals 2015

Ketel One Vodka was delighted to be a part of the spectacular Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS™ Global Finals in Cape Town, South Africa. For those of you who aren’t aware of what the event consists of, the WORLD CLASS™ Global Bartender of the Year competition is the drink industry’s most respected and prestigious mixology competition, and is part of a platform that elevates the craft of the bartender and builds careers in the industry. The city welcomed the best bartenders from 54 countries across the globe in the quest to find the world’s finest.

During the event, a pop-up World Class House was opened, taking over 2 local houses for 10 nights only, for a limited amount of visitors to experience the very best from a variety of brands including Tanqueray gin, Bulleit whiskey, Don Julio tequila, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Zacapa rum and of course yours truly.

We welcomed guests to the Ketel One Bloody Mary Workshop, where Ketel One’s 11th generation distiller, Bob Nolet and Ketel One brand ambassadors explained the Bloody Mary’s key ingredients and flavour components which are the building blocks of this iconic cocktail. Guests were able to experience the cocktail through the creation of their very own Bloody Mary.

The competition to crown the world’s best bartender was a keenly contested battle. After four days of challenges, the judges selected Michito Kaneko from Japan as the winner. Kaneko’s subtle, harmonious and impeccable cocktails stole the show and he will now travel the world as a global ambassador for Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS™. We would also love to congratulate Jurgen Nobels, Kenneth Bandivas, Tyson Buhler, Filip Navratil and Ariel Leizgold who were crowned as challenge winners during the event.

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Proost to Michito on a well-deserved victory!


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