Our Life's Work

 Discover the story of Our Life’s Work – the real story of the Nolet Distillery, an 11-generation, 325 year old family business that makes Ketel One® Vodka, the most remarkable vodka in the world.

This year we commemorate our distillery’s anniversary, by celebrating our home, our work, our family, our name and the bonds we've made along the way.

This film was captured at the Nolet Distillery, home of Ketel One Vodka, in Schiedam, Holland.  It features the creator of Ketel One, 10th Generation Owner & Master Distiller Carolus Nolet and his sons, 11th Generation Carl Nolet Jr. and Bob Nolet.

When you’re having Ketel One, you’re having more than vodka. You’re having our life’s work.

Come visit us at the distillery and experience our work for yourself.  Nolet Distillery, Hoofdstraat 14, 3114 GG Schiedam, Holland. 


Distilled in a copper ketel for the smoothest possible finish



10 generations of nolet family experience go into every bottle



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