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The Alternative Bloody Mary

Whoever said the Bloody Mary could only be made with tomatoes? Not us! We have been experimenting with some new ingredients to create alternative Bloody Marys for any occasion. Take a look..

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Happy Father's Day

With over 300 years of family expertise, it’s clear to see that family means everything to us and therefore Father’s Day is an important date in our calendars. Find out how we celebrate…

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Strawberries: The Cream of the Crop

National Strawberry Month is finally here, which can mean only one thing: summer is on its way! What better reason do you need to enjoy the latest Ketel One strawberry inspired creation with our easy to follow cocktail recipe?

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Kings Day 820X600

Day two: Ketel One celebrate King’s Day

Day two: Following an unforgettable King’s Day with some of our closest family and friends, today was the day to discover a little more about our wonderful vodka and the Nolet family, in true #KetelOneKD style.

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Day 1: Ketel One Celebrate King's Day

Day one: Ketel One celebrated King’s Day in style! Inviting some of their closest friends and family to Amsterdam and the home of the Nolet Distillery, Schiedam, for a celebration they would never forget. Find out what they got up too..

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Drink like a King (or a Queen)

Ketel One Vodka settled in Schiedam, near Rotterdam, Holland and since then it has become home, which is why celebrating King’s Day has become an important part of our tradition. Discover how we will be celebrating…

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Variety is the flavour of life.

Imagine a world without flavour… I know, horrible isn’t it? Ketel One Citroen and Ketel One Oranje vodkas are here to ensure that never happens, as well as Simon Difford’s (founder of Difford’s Guide) ultimate homemade vanilla vodka recipe.

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